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How to make your smile more attractive

Ever look at the opposite (or even the same) sex, they give you a really warm and nice-looking smile and you get a really good feeling about that person – whether it’s that you’re on the same wavelength, you’re attracted to them or you just want to go over and make conversation? A nice looking […]

4 food groups that can boost your metabolism

Many people claim that they struggle to lose weight because they have a slow metabolism. Others are always looking for ways to boost their metabolic rate. But what do these people mean when they refer to metabolism and their metabolic rate? In simple terms your metabolism or metabolic rate is the number of calories required […]

How to prepare for a detox


Although a great process for your health and wellness, a detox process can be extremely inspiring to yourself and the people around you, and makes you feel good about yourself. To enhance the experience for yourself and to get the best out of it, it’s important that you prepare yourself a few days prior to […]